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PDG financial support from key protection industry firms

The PDG is delighted to have obtained sponsorship from a range of businesses that operate in the Protection market, supporting adviser activity and working towards delivering better consumer outcomes.

The sponsorship income, in addition to membership fees, will help contribute towards the Operational side of the PDG, as well as helping the PDG grow the protection market and develop relevant initiatives that will have a positive impact on consumers who purchase protection products.

We have agreed sponsorship with the following organisations:

  • CIExpert
  • iPipeline
  • Iress
  • NMG Consulting
  • Panacea Adviser
  • Protection Guru
  • Square Health
  • UnderwriteMe

With a deep heritage spanning more than a decade, CIExpert is a leading and independent critical illness cover (CIC) comparison tool that creates in-depth analysis enabling advisers to understand and assess the best value for their clients and arms them with a range of interactive tools to convey the rationale behind their recommendation.

CIExpert gives advisers access to a comprehensive knowledge base of more than 550 current & historic policies dating back to 1991 and provides a detailed & impartial comparison system based upon the quality of cover, incidence statistics as well as both adult & child payment levels that tailors the analysis to the client's individual needs & budgets to a scrutinising degree.

iPipeline is a global technology company providing digital transformation to the financial services industry, founded in 1995 with offices across Europe, North America and Canada. Within the UK, iPipeline is widely recognised through SolutionBuilder, the portal powering 50% of all protection quotes and SSG Digital, the provider engine on which over 35% of all new protection business is created and managed.

Iress supports the UK protection industry with The Exchange, its market leading quote and apply portal for financial professionals. With extensive market coverage from all the leading UK providers it makes finding and applying for the right products easy and cost effective.

In addition to The Exchange portal, Iress is integrated with many leading CRMs powering the industry’s protection quotes and applications with its comprehensive comparison and transaction software, including Iress’s own adviser software Xplan and Xplan Mortgage providing automated protection quotes alongside mortgage sourcing.

Generating over 8.5 million protection comparisons annually, The Exchange takes pride in high levels of availability and ensuring that its software and services evolve to continually meet the needs of the protection market.

NMG Consulting is a leading specialist multinational consultancy focused exclusively on the Insurance, Reinsurance, Wealth Management and Asset Management Industries. NMG provides strategy consulting services, advising on fork-in-the-road decisions relating to participation, competitive and organisational strategy, to financial institutions including insurers, reinsurers, banks and fund managers.

NMG’s model is anchored around the concept of ‘information advantage’ and they have invested heavily to build deep formal and informal datasets across insights and analytics. In the UK, NMG has been running long-standing annual interview programmes in both the retail life protection and group risk markets, as well as similar programmes focused on the retail advised wealth and group workplace pensions markets for the last 15 years.

Panacea Adviser is a leading content platform used by 18,000 financial professionals to support their businesses.

Working with some of the UK’s leading Protection providers means we can deliver a wide range of industry expertise, business development support and CPD material covering everything from Family, Business and Mortgage Protection topics. All of which can be used to enhance adviser business operations which in turn can improve client outcomes.

Reading just one of our bulletins can be the same as 7 or 8 individual industry emails - saving you time in the process.

Access to Panacea is free for Adviser firms and over the years we have provided a voice for the community. We regularly lobby on behalf of our community to Government, FCA, FOS and FSCS and believe we are a shining example of how a community driven service can support adviser firms and create better consumer outcomes.

Protection Guru is a technical information service for financial advisers established in 2019, as a division of Financial Technology Research Centre. The organisation publishes detailed daily online analysis of life insurance and related products, facilitated via our core research engine.

This creates the most granular analysis of UK life insurance products available to advisers. This granular analysis powers ProtectionGuruPro which enables advisers to compare protection plans based on quality and cost side by side and is the only system to use a panel of practicing medical professionals to analysis critical illness wordings.

Square Health Limited is part of the Square Health group of companies, the largest independently owned provider of connected digital healthcare services in the UK. Founded in 2009, its enterprise customer base includes leading insurance companies, private medical insurers and other financial service providers as well as large corporates.

With the acquisition of Push Doctor, the company now enters the NHS and direct to consumer markets. Through its clinical services contracts, mobile applications and technology platform, it provides digital GP and other healthcare and wellness services to over 12 million customers throughout the UK. The group has offices in Windsor, Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester.

Founded in 2012, our aim was to bring the process of selling life insurance into the 21st century with cutting edge underwriting and a better user experience. The journey started with our Underwriting Rules Engine (URE) implementations. We have now grown to become the leading provider of URE’s across the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

UnderwriteMe has also been on a journey to transform the life insurance application journey from a complicated, inefficient experience to one that makes the buying process easier and faster for customers and advisers alike.

The Protection Platform provides a single system for Advisers to quote, compare and underwrite multiple protection products from a range of providers. This fast and efficient journey streamlines the quote and apply process compliantly, providing customers with real-time underwritten prices for the cover they need – helping to grow the market in the right way. We work with some of the largest protection distributors in the UK and have now seen over a million policies activated via the Protection Platform.