The PDG are proud to have been responsible for several campaigns designed to improve customer outcomes both when purchasing policies and claiming on policies.


PDG Funeral Pledge

Paying a claim is the moment of truth for insurance companies. Of course, we know that many claims are paid quickly, but some are still held up by probate, leaving families waiting for months or even years for the money.

To ensure that families can pay the funeral costs, we have asked insurers to offer to advance some funds directly to the funeral director, where no other arrangements have been made. An advance of this nature can make a real difference.

Before we got involved some insurers already did this but on a case by case basis, but we ask as part of the pledge that this is done pro-actively on each delayed claim.

The three things we ask insurers to pledge are:

  • To advance a minimum of £5,000 to a funeral director when they otherwise can't pay the claim due to probate delays.
  • To proactively offer this in every case where there is a delay.
  • To pay the funeral director after they have fully assessed and accepted the claim to ensure that there was no non-disclosure.


PDG Claims Charter

The PDG are keen to ensure claimants have the best support; a caring, efficient and hassle free experience with claims paid as quickly as possible. We put together a Claims Charter to outline what we feel should be standard best practice based on our experiences helping our clients with their claims.

There is no attribution of ratings or scores to insurers- it's simply a case of whether firms meet the Claims Charter requirements and if so, we'll be delighted to give your firm our stamp of approval and promote this to the market.

To sign up to the Claims Charter insurers must ensure the following:

  • A dedicated Claims Team available, with a phone based claims process for claimants. To allow submission and management of their claim by telephone, that can be supported by digital documentation to improve efficiency. Paperwork only to be used when there are no digital alternatives possible, or at the claimants request.
  • No potential claimant can be turned away by anyone, other than a member of the Claims Team.
  • Claimants to have a named point of contact, with regular updates at least every two weeks, unless otherwise agreed. Queries must be responded to no later than the end of the working day.
  • Intermediaries are notified of all claims when made (no Opt-In or Opt-Out option offered). This ensures records can be updated and no potential distress caused to clients and families through the intermediary not knowing about a claim. Product being claimed on must be confirmed (cause of claim not needed).
  • Proactively offer the PDG Funeral Payment Pledge and/or advance payments to speed-up life cover claims where there is no trust in place, or where other factors could delay payment being made.
  • Once a claim is approved, claimants to receive payment within 72 hours (ignoring external factors out of insurer control such as probate).

Access to Insurance

The PDG are at the forefront of improving access to insurance. As a group we are working closely with insurers, reinsurers, trade bodies, charities and regulators to improve access to insurance for people with medical conditions.

Following a meeting at DWP's Caxton House, the Access to Insurance Working Party came up with the following Caxton House statement:

We, the members of the Access to Insurance Working Group, are committed to improving access to insurance, specifically Protection insurance given the FCA work underway, for consumers with chronic health conditions and disabilities. Working together, we have four key aims:

  • Develop a signposting system for consumers, supporting consumer groups and charities so they can easily access guidance and advice about insurance from protection specialists.
  • Improve the transparency of underwriting processes and practices around chronic health conditions and disabilities for consumers, supporting consumer groups and charities.
  • Improve standards across all who distribute protection products so that we create a framework for improving access to expert underwriting advice across financial, health and charitable sectors.
  • Develop a proposal for greater accessibility to insurance through the workplace.

As part of the working party we are working hard to develop and improve each of the aforementioned points.

Insurer Funeral Payment Pledge Claims Charter
Aegon ✔  ✔ 
AIG ✔ 
Aviva  ✔  X
British Friendly ✔  ✔ 
Canada Life X X
Cirencester N/A X
Guardian X X
Holloway N/A ✔ 
L&G ✔  ✔ 
LV= ✔  ✔ 
MetLife N/A ✔ 
ReAssure ✔  X
Royal London ✔  ✔ 
Scottish Widows ✔  ✔ 
Shepherds Friendly N/A X
The Exeter ✔  ✔ 
Vitality Life ✔  ✔ 
Zurich ✔  ✔